Front de Bœuf 2011


1. Bash your head in
2. The Girl vs. The Snake
3. This is Ragnrök
4. Bash your head in.strumental
5. The Girl vs. The Snake vs. The Instrumental
6. This is the instrumental version of This is Ragnrök

Song from the spring 2009

1. Do you fear death? Feat. KID
2. It’s time for you to bleed
3. With my gun in your hand

All those kids no one wants 2008

1. Cause you’re not twenty five
2. There’s a duel at sundown
3. Six shooters. Six shooters.mp3

Songs from the fall 2008

1. This time last year
2. Three Five

The First of the New and the Last of the Old and Poetry Written in Puke 2003/2006

1. Everything and Everyone SE
2. No name yet – coming soon
3. Moving in the Right Direction
4. Dried Up Lake
5. Everything and Everyone OE


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